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Written, Recorded and Performed by Jeff Stachyra with Connie Head / Indian Wood Flute, Rick Iacovelli / Bass and Hammond Organ, Mike Ricciardi / Percussion and Bobby Twining / Memory Moog

In the everafter…

Underneath the Water

I live underneath the ocean
Underneath sea
Where the wake of my past
Did not follow me
And for all that I have seen there
Telling me I have not drowned
Let the water cleanse my soul
I have been found

I live underneath the water
Where you can feel the air
And all my thoughts and feelings
Are free to go anywhere
Let us make a difference
While we swim around down there
Let’s stay underwater
Without a care

I live underneath the ocean
Underneath the sea
The colors are viewed much differently
By each of us you see
We all know it’s coming
We hate to see it go
There will always be another
You shall know