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Written, Recorded and Performed by Jeff Stachyra with Brian Potenziano / Harmonica

A corrupt Union Quartermaster at Vicksburg who was always looking to make a buck through ill gotten gains.

Reuben B. Hatch

Shaving off the lumber
Buy low – bill high
Grant’s investigation in Cairo
Assistant Quartermaster arrested for bribes
Hatch throws the ledger book into the Ohio
But it washed right back, back ashore

Facing court-martial
His brother petitions Lincoln
He was a financial supporter
And sometimes and adviser
To interceded and proceed
So Hatch was never tried

Now the way these things go
In the military way
Chief Quartermaster in the army
Never takes it on the chin
Screw up and you move up
That’s just the way it’s always been

Now back in Vicksburg
Quartermaster there
Got his mitts in Mason
No victims were spared

Get on board
Reuben Hatch
Son of a bitch
That ship went down